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Political Arena is being developed by Wayside Press, a company founded by political journalist, author and humorist Eliot Nelson. Wayside has partnered with, and is being advised by, some of the world’s leading experts in entertainment, video game development and politics. Wayside’s mission is to bring politics  – the most significant subject of our age – into the world of video games and interactive content – easily the most significant medium of our age. 

What is “Wayside Press”?

Long before the current incarnation of Wayside Press was digitizing senators and gamifying omnibus bills, Wayside Press was the name of the Dallas, Texas printing press founded and run by Eliot Nelson’s late grandfather, Isidore “Michael” Pollak. Pollak’s background as a progressive, Brooklyn-born son of Jewish immigrants did not exactly ingratiate him into mid-20th century Dallas, a dynamic never more apparent than when someone threw a brick through his car window for displaying a Kennedy/Johnson bumper sticker. It is in memory of Michael Pollak’s love of politics, wry sense of humor and undiminished sense of justice that Wayside Press is named.


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Updates about the Game of Politics

March Update

By 15 Mar 2024
First things first: we’re now on Bluesky! Come say hi!  As ever, we’re short on…

New Year’s Update!

By 23 Jan 2024
Happy 2024, everyone! We just released our second beta update and are heartened by our…

Political Arena Beta Testing Has Begun!

By 23 Aug 2023
First, an apology. We’ve been lousy about our updates. We’re a small team and our…


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