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Hello! We know, we know: it’s been a minute. Not to worry, we’re getting quite a bit done!! If you’re here for pictures and not words, here’s a bunch of new Political Arena content

We’re working on our events and news system.

We’re gamifying legislation drafting.

We’re working on tracking legislation.

We’re doing some (weird) sound engineering.

We’re building out our AI engine.

We hit some standard game development bumps in the road last year, reassessed, reorganized and we’re going to be better long term for it. What we paid for in a delayed release, we’re going to make up for down the line with better content and faster releases. That said, we know it stinks to have to wait for something you’re so excited about and we truly, truly appreciate your patience. Really, we’re incredibly bummed we can’t let you live out all of your WILDEST Kevin McCarthy fantasies right now, but we are so jazzed by all the progress we’re making, including the ability to make an adjunct professor of English the junior senator from whichever state you so please (seriously, we’re really pleased with how our character creator is coming):

More soon!


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